Rijeka, HR

14_galeb protiv galeba
Ship is mechanism as well as organism. A mechanism is an inevitable and independent effective system or
function. Organism is association or collaboration between single parts and forces.
Both concepts contain a continuous movement from a single element influencing the movement of the
elements as a group that influence the single element in turn.
The documentation of this work will be shown in form of a book, complemented by video

15/16_den raum nicht verlassen
15/16_not leaving the room
The work evolved from a theoretical discourse about text and image, questioning the constant struggle against
the impossibility of translation between text and image. The work contains short sentences combined with
newspapers cutouts and drawings, responding to contemporary events.
200 A4 papers, pinned to the wall

Utopia is not practicable or constant, but needs to be kept in balance permanently in order to be reached for a
moment. Utopia equilibrates on the peak of structures of society, anarchy and systems in general. Utopia
arises from history, its legacy and the consciousness present.
Simple daily objects and small configurations are loosely connected by threads. Parts transfer motion to other
parts. It is an unstable but balanced system easily destabilized by external factors.
Installation with video