Untitled Frontiers

Augsburg, Trieste, Gorizia, Graz

Una Rebic
Helene Thuemmel

Six channel sound installation installation with video & live video stream
HD video, PAL, color, 16:9, 18’39“, loop, stereo sound

The perception of the other is a question of one’s experience (ref. Bernhard
Waldenfels – Topography of the Other).
Images paired with the sound and words are, in Baudrillardian terms, a
construct, built in a hermetic way with the intention of serving one
“truth“. Concerned with the media image that is mainly shown, we
deconstruct it. In order to expose it, we gather voices from different
people: self-organized structures of volunteers, friends who fled, friends
who help, and our own.
In second and third part of our project we are positioning the observed
and the observer on the same plane. To trigger questioning. To trigger
In times of uncertainty, the only thing we find certain is that through
open dialogue, experience can be broadened and conclusions drawn

Recorded at:

11. 9. 2015 Röske: Hungarian–Serbian Border

2. 10. 2015 Bapsko: Croatian–Serbian Border

23. 10. 2015 Spielfeld: Austrian–Slovenian Border

30. 10. 2015 Dobovo: Slovenian–Croatian Border

31. 10. 2015 Spielfeld: Austrian–Slovenian Border

20. 11. 2015 Spielfeld: Austrian–Slovenian Border