Trofaiach macht Urlaub


The project involves people’s collective memories, an aspect which will be envisioned with the idea of vacation – the concept of free time.

Although this notion might represent diverse things for different people, one could say that we all share similar images and connotation for summer holidays, vacations or trips. Usually these images are very closely connected with certain feelings and circumstances (keywords: sun, sand, water, warm temperatures, ice cream, countryside, fresh air, lakes, nature, etc) and  typical nostalgic memory we all have and long for during winter (and working) time.

Thus having the rural environment of the city of Trofaiach, the artists (Helene Thümmel and Sandra Jovanovska, currently based in the sunny city of Gorizia) tend to bring this image to life by transforming a small space on the (often gray, dusty, empty) main street into a sort of no-time-no-space-continuum installation, where people will be reminded of their holiday time with abstract colors, shapes and patterns. The aim of the artwork will not only be purposed to remind of vacation, but it will indeed have the aim to show that free time is there, it is everywhere and everyone can be the creator of it. Furthermore by interacting with the space, the people will have the opportunity to identify their own image of vacation and somehow learn to take time.