a collection of word from newspapers, with correlation to any kind of war.
i tried to cut out all correlating words in those collected newspapers.

all newspapers i used are from the short time periode from 15. april to 10.may 2015. i used 4-5 main newspapers from austria;

it was important for me to have a short time periode as an example how overloaded we are with those words, and how the use of words
in newspapers are creating reality and manupulating or creating common sence.

i arranged those words, first brought them in ordner and then created kind of poems out of them, or war devotions, as i called them,
with the thought that it is nor clear if your are praying for or against it.
also for me it has similarities with the buddist/tibetian praying flags, that are sending out devotions only by the movement of the wind.

work from 2015,
exhibition in june,
“der dritte krieg” (the third war)
with the art collective Roter Keil